Fim de expediente no El Cuervo. Valeu Vini! 
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Feel like such a dick cause I haven’t talked to you in a long time but I know if I drunk text you now nothing will come of it and it’ll just be a waste of time.
I really wish I had taken the opportunity to talk to you tonight before you left

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No matter how much sleep I get I’m exhausted with life.



Fuck, lately life’s been pretty average
I really need to get an actual job that gives me shifts and I need to talk to my friends more. I need to make major changes in my life but I know I’m too lazy to do anything and I have no motivation at all to do anything but I’ve got no idea how to get motivation.

The people that I do sort of talk to are my friends at the skate park and that’s about it and feel like such a shit cunt for not making the effort to talk to people or even catch up
I feel like I’m in year 11 again when I stopped talking and tried to be alone at lunch

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